How the Pandemic Will Show Up in Your Next Job Interview

Here’s one thing I can guarantee about future job interviews – 2020 is going to come up. It’s safe to say this has been a rollercoaster year. We’ve had to change the way we work, live, learn, and the list goes on. It’s a distinctive moment in history and your next boss will have some questions about how you responded.

Potential Interview Questions

Grab a notebook, sit down in a quiet place, and ask yourself the following questions. They are very likely to show up as behavioral interview questions in your next job search. Not only do they inform the interviewer how you reacted, but they also indicate which of your skills kicked into high gear.

  • How did you help your organization pivot, both at the beginning of the pandemic and now?
  • How did you motivate your team/coworkers?
  • Where did you demonstrate creativity?
  • Were you flexible when things changed and then changed again?
  • When did you take initiative? How were you proactive?
  • Describe an “all hands on deck” moment and what was your role?
What if I lost my job?

If you lost your job in 2020, don’t panic! You can still discuss the ways you helped the organization prior to your exit. Resume gaps are inevitable (and understandable!), but you should be ready to discuss what you did/are doing to bounce back. Did you…

  • Learn a language?
  • Start a passion project?
  • Attend virtual conferences/trainings?
  • Volunteer?
  • Pick up new skills while helping your kids adjust to remote learning?
Document This Information While It’s Still Fresh

The way we conduct business has been evolving with each passing week and it’s probably already tricky to remember back to the start of the pandemic. Take the time now to reflect (and write down) how you managed the massive amount of change you, your company, and your industry faced. It will serve you well next time you work on your resume or find yourself in a job interview.

It’s also a nice reminder of what you’ve accomplished this year despite the odds. Let’s face it, we could all use a pat on the back after a year that made our heads spin! If you need help finding your next role or preparing for interviews, please reach out to schedule an introductory call!